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Back in ’82 a bunch of school mates in a southern suburb of Stockholm started the band Dark Illusion, playing at local venues around the area where they lived. The guys struggled on for some years, had lots of ambitions and youthful energy but in the end, despite all their efforts they failed to make a lasting impact on anyone.

In ’85 they definitely called it a day and then the saga was over temporarily. The Guys went on to live their separate lives with their daytime jobs and their families. Some continued in the music scene starting a cover band. The years went on and nothing happened, although main songwriter and guitarist Tomas Hultqvist never quit writing new songs.

In 2003 lead guitarist Tomas Hultqvist and ex-Dark Illusion rhythm guitarist Niklas Tengblad decided it was time to bring the old “Beast” back to life, which resulted in Dark Illusion going into the studio making a record for the first time. The output was the 4-track EP: "For just Another Night", with new singer Thomas Vikström on vocals.

In the years that followed the guys continued working on material for their upcoming CD-album which was titled "Beyond The Shadows".

The album consisted of refined and reworked versions of the old original 80’s material plus some songs Hultqvist wrote in the early 90’s. The album was released in 2005 and achieved good recognition world wide.

The CD was licensed to Japan, Russia and Brazil. Beside Thomas Vikström on vocals now also Pontus Egberg joined the forces playing bass, except on some tracks where the original D.I.-member Ola Jansson played. New on drums was Jonas Östman.

Then the years passed again...

The producers Hultqvist and Tengblad became family men and Hultqvist had a hard time coming up with new songs. But finally, in ´08-´09, he found new inspiration and energy and ten brand new songs were written and recorded.

According to the songwriter Hultqvist only one track of the last CD Beyond The Shadows would have made it on to the new record "Where The Eagles Fly". He also at one time stated that:

"these new songs are the best music I can ever create – I can´t do any better but I can do more songs like these”.

This new reincarnation of Dark Illusion, featuring singer Thomas Vikström and drummer Johan Kullberg, is yet to play a live gig. However, in the future Dark Illusion will hopefully once again enter a live venue, near the place where you might live. So keep your ears and eyes open!

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